Banner Advertising

Banner Advertising to Build Awareness and Generate Demand
Banner advertising is one of the best ways to build awareness and generate demand among your potential customers.  We can help you show your ads to a highly targeted audience and drive them to your website where you can turn them into customers.

Why Choose the Google Display Network?
Lots of digital marketing agencies will pitch banner ad plans to you.  But many of them buy impressions just like the old-fashioned print ad model where you pay for your ads based on how many people see the publication.  There’s no guarantee how many people will pay any attention to your ad at all, much less click to visit your website when you buy ads that way.  You can end up paying a lot for a campaign that delivers little or no traffic at all.  Digital Generator utilizes the Google Display Network to show your ads on hundreds of thousands of websites across the Internet.  In addition to unparalleled reach, the Google Display Network offers free ad impressions and you pay only when users actually click on your ad and go to your website.

Why Google Display Network and Digital Generator Are a Great Combination
Digital Generator, LLC is certified in Google’s Display Advertising and is a trusted Google Partner so you’ll have peace of mind that your digital advertising is in good hands.  We are obsessed with providing you the best campaign outcomes by targeting precisely the right audience and utilizing best practices to get you the lowest cost per click possible.  Google’s superior targeting  methodologies allow us to target your ads using any of the following methods or a combination of these methods:

  • Geotargeting (country, state, city, DMA, zip code, radius)
  • Demographic segments (age, gender, parental status)
  • Browsing behaviors indicating that the user is in the market for the particular good or service
  • Dayparted buys to reach users at the right time of day
  • Targeting websites with certain keywords
  • Targeting users with interests that are complementary to your goods or services
  • Targeting websites about certain topics
  • Targeting specific desired sites
  • Retargeting users who have previously visited your website

Turnkey Solutions
We can use ad graphics that you provide, or we can source graphic design services for you based on your preferences and available resources.  Digital Generator will make the process totally turnkey for you once we have understood your input, goals and campaign budgets, and we’ll provide you with easy to understand campaign reporting to help you stay abreast of progress.

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