About Us

Experience and a Proven Track Record
At Digital Generator, LLC we are passionate about helping you build your business through digital marketing.  From banner ads to paid search and social media, we have the experience to help you optimize your advertising budget and reach exactly the right targets with every dollar spent. We have earned the trusted Google Partner badge, and our principal, Jennifer Kalkman, has been called upon by both Google and Facebook to speak on their behalf at conferences, webinars and in case studies.

With more than two decades of marketing and media buying experience, Jennifer Kalkman made the shift to digital advertising in 2001 and helped the Oklahoma Tourism & Recreation Department become a leader among state tourism departments for online marketing.  Kalkman received valuable training directly from Google while serving as the marketing director for OTRD and was featured by Google in their 2012 Economic Impact Report, featured in a Google case study on OTRD’s video advertising campaigns and was then part of a Google webinar on digital tourism marketing.

Digital Generator, LLC was founded in November 2014 after Kalkman was requested to help tourism industry members with their advertising.  Seeing a challenge and a need, Kalkman left the Tourism Department and started with a roster of six clients.  Since that time Digital Generator has serviced a growing client base in industries as diverse as restaurants, real estate, higher education, construction, gaming, lodging and destination marketing.

Obsessed with Metrics
We believe that metrics and solid analysis are the cornerstone of any good digital marketing strategy, and that utilizing ongoing analysis and campaign optimization is the only correct way to manage your advertising campaigns.  Unlike traditional media advertising where you place your campaign buy and sit back hoping for the best, we actively manage your digital campaigns as they are in progress, making adjustments where indicated by real time data.

Turnkey Solutions
We don’t talk about high level concepts, call it consulting and leave you to do that actual work.  We’ll consult with you to discover your goals, opportunities and challenges, and then we’ll put our expertise to work for you by crafting strategies and building out campaigns that will help you achieve your goals and improve your bottom line.  And we stick with it, managing those campaigns as long as they are live so that is it totally turnkey for you.  We partner with our clients for the long term instead of making quick one-time sales and moving on to the next client.

We specialize in understanding your sales funnel and helping you drive traffic through that funnel using search engine marketing, banner advertising, video advertising as well as social media management and advertising.  We can help you be found on Google, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram and hundreds of thousands of websites across the Internet.  We can help you utilize cutting edge retargeting to reach your most loyal customers and drive more sales.  And we know how to squeeze every penny to achieve the best possible cost per click for you.

Contact us now and let us help you turn your digital presence into a sales machine.